overdesigned Portfolio

I’m Adam: a UX designer and iOS developer living in California. I make apps for complex domains: AI, robotics, education. I also made a neat little app called Cheatsheet. Here is some of my work.


An app for the little things you never remember. Look them up instantly with the Cheatsheet Notification Center widget.

Write down the little things you always forget: hotel rooms, license plates, luggage combination, employee ID number. With Cheatsheet, there’s no more fumbling to unlock your phone and find your notes app; it’s as easy as pulling down Notification Center.

I made the initial Cheatsheet iPhone/iPad app over a long weekend in September 2014. Since then, it’s had more than 100,000 downloads and earned a five-star rating in the App Store. For Cheatsheet 2.0 in April 2015, I added a custom keyboard and an Apple Watch app.

Cheatsheet in the App Store
Screenshot of Cheatsheet app

Dash Drive

Dash is the world’s first lightning-fast, build-it-yourself origami robot. Take control with Dash Drive.

Dash is a speedy, animal-inspired robot for kids and adults. I designed and built the iPhone and iPad apps (App Store link) for controlling the robot via Bluetooth LE. Check out the website or this TED Talk to learn more.

Photo of a Dash robot in the palm of a hand.
Screenshot of Dash app scanning for robots


A pervasive learning platform that uses your interests and your context to suggest the best lesson to learn right now.

Perls is a context-aware education platform with a mobile-first learning experience. Based on a user’s learning goals and habits, plus their current activity, schedule, and location, Perls recommends lessons and helps the user develop positive learning strategies.

I am the design lead and iPhone developer for Perls, which is an ongoing research project at SRI.

Screenshot of Perls

Inquire Biology

An intelligent textbook that answers students’ questions, engages their interest, and improves their understanding.

Inquire was a research project combining a question-answering AI with an AP Biology textbook. In a 2012 evaluation, students using Inquire received higher test scores than those without Inquire. They also begged to take it home to study for exams.

I was product manager for a team of ten developers, researchers, and educators, as well as designer and developer of the iPad app. I later helped create an award-winning video and the project website.

Screenshot of Inquire

Warrior Web

A lightweight, powered exosuit for the soldier of the future. Monitor and tune performance in real-time with the WarriorWeb app.

Mockup of a WarriorWeb suit.

The WarriorWeb program envisions a soft, flexible suit that can be worn underneath clothes and redistributes the wearer’s weight and augments their physical abilities. I built SRI’s WarriorWeb iPad app, which uses Bluetooth LE to provide live data monitoring and control for the ongoing research.

Screenshot of WarriorWeb app


I’m Adam and I make things.

I like to take projects from concept to design to working product. I think fast, talk loud, iterate quickly, and enjoy a challenge. I dislike narrowly-defined roles, slow turn-around times, and small ideas.

interaction designer
SRI (contract R&D)

master of human-computer interaction
Carnegie Mellon University

software engineer
Hart Tech (defense contractor)

B.S. in computer science
Washington & Lee University